Photography - Corporate Portrait

CORPORATE PORTRAIT: Ann Fandozzi, CEO of Ritchie Bros. THIS SHOT: Knowing that Ann favoured a more fashionable photo from her previous CEO position, I decided to use the same sort of beauty lighting for her new portrait at Ritchie Bros. I employed a beauty dish and reflector in a clamshell setup.

CORPORATE PORTRAIT: Bev Briscoe, Chair of the Board of Ritchie Bros. THIS SHOT: I had all members of the board come through a beauty dish and reflector setup one after the other for a quick series of photos. A second light illuminates the natural wood background to closely mimic the company's branding colour.

CORPORATE PORTRAIT: Sarah Raiss, Member, Board of Directors of Ritchie Bros. THIS SHOT: In order to accommodate the board's busy schedule, I had lights and exposure set up and ready to shoot within 10 minutes of the start of the first board meeting. A total of 8 portraits were shot.


This is a slideshow of corporate executive portraits. It is a selection of the annual CEO and Board of Director's portraits for Ritchie Bros.