Design 2020 - Spring

BANNER AD DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design new banner ads for the Ritchie Bros. website during COVID-19. SOLUTION: During the pandemic in-person auction attendance was down so the company looked to increase use of it's online auction platform. I came up with a campaign encouraging consignors to turn their equipment into digital value by selling through Ritchie Bros. online auctions. The digitization converts their equipment to cash. The graduated colours from orange to blue symbolize the traditional Ritchie Bros. live auction services to the new online auction services.

POSTER DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a poster for a business called Red SOLUTION: I approached this challenge with a play on words. Using the past tense of the verb to read, I designed a promotional poster for a used bookstore. Further playing on 'red' the colour, I used classic books with colours in their titles as though they had all been 'read'.


This is a slideshow of graphic design that I created in 2020 - Spring. Although I was the video producer and photographer of the marketing department's creative team, I also submitted winning entries to the design team's bi-weekly challenge.