Design 2020 - Summer

404 WEBPAGE DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a 404 Error page for a skatepark website. SOLUTION: I designed this so that the user is halted by a greyscale screen that contrasts the normally colourful, graffiti-adorned environment. The point-of-view crash shows just how bad it sucks to run into a 404 error page.

BOOKMARK DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a bookmark for a pizza place in Egypt. SOLUTION: I imagined a pizza place in Egypt would take advantage of a more vegetarian diet, driven by the produce along the Nile River. The mouth of the Nile is actually a bite out of the flatbread-styled pizza.

LETTERHEAD DESIGN CHALLENGE: Design a new letterhead for the United Nations. SOLUTION: My intention was to bring the UN into the digital age by making use of the most common national flag design elements. The rectangular flag motif echoes pixelation or land masses from a topical view.


This is a slideshow of graphic design that I created in 2020 - Summer. Although I was the video producer and photographer of the marketing department's creative team, I also submitted winning entries to the design team's bi-weekly challenge.