I started my creative career in graphic design which evolved from print to animated work for the screen. I’ve done motion graphics for digital signage, instructional videos, spots, docs, film title sequences, you name it. It’s definitely a skill that adds another dimension to my videos. In this reel you’ll see everything from animated text to camera tracking and green screen work.


I’ve directed a full cast and crew too. As an independent I wrote, directed, and produced a short film shot on real film stock! I had a crew of 25, and a budget of $30,000. In the end I brought the project in on time, and on budget. This is the trailer to my 20 minute quirky drama starring Airan Peleg, Nancy Forde, Ron Morgan, and Kira Callahan. Cinematographer Carolyn Wong shot it on 16mm Kodak Vision 200T with an Aaton XTR and Zeiss Lenses.


This reel is a mix of my documentary and corporate work. As always, I succeed as a crew of one. Working for Ritchie Bros. has put my camera in front of many people and it's taken me to places as far away as Australia. I’ve done everything from instructional and promotional videos, to profiles of outstanding customers and staff.